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John Stubbs (GB)

I am 65 years old and was born in Yorkshire, England.  After 22 years, I have just retired as Head Gamekeeper for the Royal Family at Windsor.
Back in the late 70s, when I was working for Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal at Gatcombe Park, I started the annual Gundog Trials Charity Event for Save the Children.  I also trained Gundogs for The Royal Family as well as competing in field trials for a number of years.
The IGL Retriever Championships have been held in Windsor Great Park 3 times, where I have been the Host Keeper. I have hosted the Spaniel Championships also.
I have been an A panel judge for many years, taking me all over England, Scotland and Ireland. In 2004 , I judged  the Retriever Championships in Holkham.
I am really looking forward to judging your WT in Austria!

Vic Olner (GB)

I have been actively involved in gundogs - Golden Retrievers - since I retired from the Royal Navy in 1987. My wife Sarah and I have made up three Field Trial Champions (FTCh Little Marston Nutmeg, FTCh Redhorns Miss Ellie and FTCh Haresmead Isidore - "Izzie" was bred by Sarah), and have 10 Golden Retrievers - a mix of retirees (2 of whom are over 14 years old), picking up dogs and two promising youngsters - in their kennels at present. With our dogs we have achieved over 25 awards in Field Trials - many of which were in Open Stakes. I have also qualified for the Retriever Championship in both 2000 and 2001. My best season was in 2001 - the year the UK was blighted by the Foot & Mouth epidemic - when my bitch, Field Trial Champion Haresmead Isidore, was entered in 4 Open Stakes (due to the curtailment of the Open Trialling schedule brought about by the Foot & Mouth) and won 3 of them.

I have also competed in Working Tests where I have qualified, and won awards, in all the national competitions such as the Kennel Club Working Test, the Shooting Times Working Test and the Save the Children Fund Working Test. I have also been a member of the England gundog team at the Welsh Game Fair with the first dog I trained - Highoway Tillia, a GR bitch who was three years old at the time.

I have judged in excess of 40 Field Trials, both Open and Novice Stakes, and numerous Working Tests and was elected to the Kennel Club Panel [A] of Field Trial judges in 2003.

I am honoured to be invited to judge such a prestigious event and am looking forward to being a part of what has become a very significant occasion in the international Gundog Working Test calendar.

John Castle (GB)

I am a Scottish property manager, I  have been fishing and shooting since the age of five, almost fifty years now, and I have enjoyed Labradors as shooting companions for some forty years. I began competing in Gundog Tests and Field Trials in 1985 and first qualified for the British IGL Retriever Championship in 1988 with Glenpatrick Gusto, since when my affix of Glenpatrick has been represented as an Owner/Handler or Breeder at a further nine IGL Championships. I made up my favourite Bitch, Field Trial Champion Glenpatrick Halo at Sandringham Estate, Norfolk in 2000 and Halo’s progeny - including FTChampion Glenpatrick Eve, FTCH Glenpatrick Eclipse of Craigenros and FTCH Gusty Garry - successfully continue to compete in events across several continents.

In my capacity as a GB Kennel Club A Panel Judge, I have fulfilled judging Retriever tests and trials throughout Britain and Ireland, arising from which I take great satisfaction in meeting like-minded sportsmen and women in a wide variety of natural sporting estates.

I consider it an honour and privilege to be asked to Judge for the Austrian Retriever Club and I very much look forward to the Working Test at Castle Hallegg.

Leslie McLean (GB)

I was born and brought up in Thurso the most northerly town of Scotland. My childhood was spent in a fishing and shooting environment. The family always had dogs consisting of various breeds Spaniels, Labs, Terriers, Long Dogs and sometimes a combination of them all.
In my late teens I moved south to Inverness and for a long time worked in the Oil industry.  During this period I trained with H.P.R. and commenced competing in 1985 at which time I was relatively successful.  This fuelled my enthusiasm for gundogs and after getting involved  in Moray Firth Gundog Club, I started training and competing with Labradors.  For several years I took part in many gundog tests and trials.  I have run for my country at various events with some success.  A number of my dogs have become Field Trial winners and two were made up to Field Trial Champion Level. I received the accolade of being second at the British Retriever Championship in 2006, in the same year I was honoured with the Top Dog at the Skinners World Cup Retriever International at Highclere Castle 2006 - 2007. I have also been a Panel Judge  for retrievers.
Presently I work as Contracts Supervisor for Deborah Services. They are involved in various outlets, mine being scaffolding. Fortunately my job allows me to spend  adequate time with my gundogs.  This is a hobby which I really enjoy and look forward to continuing the success which I have gained meeting and developing relationships with people worldwide who share a common bond.

Heike Klieber (A)

Seit 1987 arbeiten Ralph und Heike mit Labrador Retrievern.
Sie haben bis jetzt fünf ihrer Hunde zu Field Trial Champions gemacht.
Ihr bekanntester Hund war FTCH Mellow-Tan v. Tennikerweidli,, eine gelbe Labradorhündin.
Sie waren oft in siegreichen Teams des internationalen Workingtests, unter anderem  gewannen sie in drei aufeinander folgenden Jahren  den Teamwettbewerb  bzw. auch  die Einzelwertung.
Außerdem gewannen sie zusammen die European Championship 1993 in Belgien, ebenfalls sowohl im Teamwettbewerb als auch im Einzelwettkampf.
Ralph &  Heike haben bereits in vielen Ländern Europas gerichtet.
 Ralph hatte  die besondere Ehre, 2003 und 2005 die FCI- Europameisterschaften in Belgien und Österreich  zu richten  und beide waren eingeladen,  den Internationalen Workingtest in zu England richten. Heike durfte letzten Herbst das International Field Trial in Ampton in England richten und freut sich über die Einladung, heuer im Herbst den International Challenge Cup in Finland zu richten.
Seit 1997 züchten sie unter dem Zwingernamen „Of Dukefield“.
Ihr Herz schlägt dafür, wofür sie ihre Labradors züchten, nämlich für die Arbeit auf der Niederwildjagd.
Zur Zeit führen sie sehr erfolgreich Hunde aus eigener Zucht: Int.FTCH Chairman  of Dukefield und FTW Ragweed´s Rush of Dukefield.
Heike freut sich sehr darüber, wieder in der Heimat zu richten und wünscht alle Teilnehmern viel Erfolg!

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